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Value Stream Mapping 

Value Stream Mapping

Business Improvements

At manufacturing performance, we are committed to helping you analyze and improve your processes using value stream mapping (VSM). VSM is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize and optimize the flow of materials and information within your process or value stream. Here is how we will use VSM to improve your processes

  • We will map the current state of your process, capturing the details of each process step, such as cycle time, lead time, inventory, defects, and customer demand. We will also map the information flow between the process steps, such as the signals, triggers, and feedback loops. We will use a standard set of symbols and icons to represent the process elements and their relationships.

  • We will identify the value-added and non-value-added activities in your process, and calculate the value stream efficiency (VSE) ratio. The VSE ratio is the percentage of time spent on value-added activities out of the total lead time. We will also identify the sources of waste, such as overproduction, waiting, transportation, overprocessing, inventory, motion, and defects, and quantify their impact on your process performance.

  • We will create a future state map for your process, based on your improvement goals and vision. We will propose and implement process improvements, such as reducing inventory, eliminating waste, improving quality, simplifying information flow, and increasing customer satisfaction. We will also calculate the expected benefits of the improvements, such as the reduction in lead time, cost, and defects, and the increase in VSE ratio and throughput.

  • We will monitor and evaluate the results of the improvements, and compare them with the current state. We will use various tools and techniques, such as control charts, run charts, and Pareto charts, to measure and display the process performance. We will also use feedback and data to identify and address any issues or challenges that may arise during the implementation of the improvements.

  • We will foster a culture of continuous improvement, and encourage you and your teams to apply VSM to other processes or value streams in your organization. We will also provide you with training and support to ensure that you are competent and confident in using VSM. We will also document and standardize the improved processes, and ensure that they are aligned with your strategy and customer needs.

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