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Business Improvements

  • A privately owned pet food processing plant, is one of the UK's largest independent pet food businesses specializing in the production of dog biscuits.

  • In my role as the lead project manager, I successfully delivered a new Tesco Christmas product range worth £1000,000. I played a key role in designing the process flow, organizing teams, and establishing production plans. I effectively liaised with various departments to ensure the overall Christmas demand was met.

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  • To ensure the success of the company in 2018, I identified and highlighted low-risk investment opportunities. This strategic approach helped to secure the company's growth and profitability.

  • In addition, I completed line balancing on the 2017 production lines and successfully implemented a new production process flow for 2018. The introduction of a batch process improved efficiency and reduced production time.

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  • To optimize labor utilization, I balanced the workforce and effectively managed a team of two other interims. This collaborative effort contributed to the smooth execution of the project and the overall success of the company.

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  • With my expertise in project management and business improvements, I have consistently driven operational enhancements and contributed to the growth and success of Business Fold Hill.

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