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Project Management

Lean Six Sigma Project Management

Business Improvements

At manufacturing performance, we are committed to helping you improve your processes using Lean Six Sigma projects. Lean Six Sigma projects are structured and data-driven improvement projects that aim to optimize process performance, enhance decision-making, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Here is how we will use Lean Six Sigma projects to improve your processes

  • We will define the project goals, scope, and deliverables, based on your needs and challenges. We will select the project team, identify the stakeholders, and establish a project charter. We will also write a problem statement, define the project scope, and create a high-level process map.

  • We will measure the current state of the process, using various data collection methods and tools. We will identify the critical process inputs and outputs, collect relevant data, and create a detailed process map. We will also calculate the baseline process performance metrics, such as cycle time, defect rate, and customer satisfaction.

  • We will analyze the data and identify the root causes and areas for improvement, using various data analysis techniques and tools. We will conduct statistical analysis, perform hypothesis testing, and use tools such as Pareto charts and scatter plots. We will also conduct a root cause analysis, using tools such as fishbone diagrams and 5 Whys, and generate a list of potential improvement opportunities.

  • We will improve the process by developing and implementing solutions to address the identified root causes, using various improvement techniques and tools. We will brainstorm improvement ideas, using tools such as affinity diagram and nominal group technique, and prioritize them based on their feasibility and impact. We will also conduct pilot tests, using tools such as PDCA cycle and design of experiments, and create an implementation plan.

  • We will control the process by sustaining the improvements achieved and establishing controls to prevent regression, using various control techniques and tools. We will develop standard operating procedures, implement control mechanisms, and establish monitoring systems. We will also use tools such as control charts and SPC to ensure that the process remains stable and in control.

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