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Business Improvements

  • In our ongoing efforts to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness, we have implemented several key improvements within our business processes. These improvements include:

  • Designed a new daily review meeting: We have introduced a new daily review meeting that allows us to gather key stakeholders and discuss the progress, challenges, and opportunities for improvement within our production processes. This meeting serves as a platform for effective communication and collaboration, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards our common goals.

  • Created a new process flow: Through careful analysis and optimization, we have developed a new process flow that has successfully eliminated 2000 minutes of monthly downtime. By streamlining our operations and identifying and addressing the root causes of production errors, we have significantly improved our overall productivity and minimized disruptions.

  • SMED Activities: We have implemented SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) activities to reduce equipment changeover times. This system involves simplifying and streamlining changeover steps, converting them to "external" tasks that can be performed while the equipment is running. By implementing SMED, we have achieved lower manufacturing costs, smaller lot sizes, improved responsiveness to customer demand, lower inventory levels, and smoother startups.

  • Development of full-time production teams and improvement coordinators: To further enhance our operational efficiency, we have established full-time production teams and improvement coordinators. These dedicated individuals are responsible for continuously monitoring and improving our processes, ensuring that we are proactively addressing any challenges and identifying opportunities for further optimization.

  • OEE correction: We have conducted thorough investigations into the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of our pressing equipment. Through these investigations, we have identified areas of improvement and implemented corrective measures to enhance the performance and efficiency of our equipment.

  • Material variance investigations: We have completed detailed investigations into material variances, resulting in the identification of new locations of waste areas that were previously overlooked. By addressing these waste areas, we have been able to reduce costs and improve the overall effectiveness of our material management processes.

  • Process capability analysis: A comprehensive process capability analysis has been conducted on a major process machine, providing us with valuable insights into the location of weight variation. This analysis has allowed us to make targeted improvements, ensuring that our processes are capable of consistently delivering high-quality outcomes.

  • These business improvements demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and our proactive approach to addressing operational challenges. By optimizing our processes, implementing efficient changeover techniques, and leveraging data-driven insights, we are positioning ourselves for long-term success in a competitive market.

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