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Business Improvements

At manufacturing performance, we are committed to helping you manage and implement change in your organization. We use a proven and effective approach that involves the following steps

  • We establish a sense of urgency by creating a compelling reason for change and communicating the importance of taking immediate action. We help you identify the current challenges and opportunities, and the potential consequences of not changing.

  • We form a powerful coalition by assembling a group of influential individuals who have the ability to lead and drive the change effort. We help you select and engage the right people who have the skills, knowledge, and authority to support the change initiative.

  • We create a vision for change by developing a clear and concise vision that outlines the desired future state and provides guidance for the change process. We help you define and articulate the goals, benefits, and values of the change initiative.

  • We communicate the vision by continuously communicating the vision to all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone understands and supports the need for change. We help you use various channels and methods, such as emails, newsletters, meetings, and presentations, to communicate and engage with your audience.

  • We empower others to act on the vision by removing barriers and providing necessary resources and support to enable individuals to contribute to the change effort. We help you empower and motivate your teams, address their concerns and resistance, and provide them with feedback and recognition.

  • We generate short-term wins by celebrating and recognizing small victories to build momentum and demonstrate the benefits of the change initiative. We help you identify and measure the progress and results of the change effort, and share the success stories and best practices with your stakeholders.

  • We consolidate gains and produce more change by using the initial successes to push for further change and continue to build on the momentum. We help you sustain and expand the scope and impact of the change initiative, and address any emerging issues and challenges.

  • We anchor the new approaches in the culture by embedding the new behaviors and processes into the organizational culture to ensure long-term sustainability. We help you reinforce and institutionalize the change initiative, and monitor and evaluate its outcomes and effectiveness.

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