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Business Improvements

  • Family Run Business is a reputable establishment specializing in the production of artisan bread and large-scale production of flatbreads. As the day shift Production Manager, I played a pivotal role in ensuring business stability during a transitional phase in management and production volume adjustments.

  • To enhance operational efficiency and productivity, I spearheaded several key business improvements. By identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, I successfully achieved a balanced production line, facilitating a smooth flow of products from the manufacturing process to packaging. This strategic move significantly enhanced overall workflow and eliminated any hindrances to productivity. 

  • Furthermore, I took charge of leading the site acceptance test for a new Travel oven, where I meticulously crafted a bake profile for each individual product. This meticulous approach maximized the oven's performance, resulting in increased yield and throughput. The successful implementation of this new oven technology not only improved product quality but also enhanced overall production efficiency.

  • In addition to my operational responsibilities, I also actively engaged in coaching and developing the night shift manager. This collaborative effort aimed to cultivate a high-performing and cohesive team, further contributing to the business's success.

  • Overall, my contributions as the day shift Production Manager at Frank Roberts Family Run Business have been instrumental in driving operational improvements, enhancing productivity, and ensuring a seamless transition during periods of change.

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