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Business Improvements

  • Process Mapping: We have created four process maps to visually represent the flow of activities in our factories. This allows us to identify and understand each step in the process.

  • Kaizen Activities: We have developed a system to extract information from the process maps and create Kaizen activities. These activities focus on continuous improvement and help us eliminate waste and non-value-added activities.

  • Critical Reports: We have implemented a reporting system that provides increased visibility into our materials. These reports help us make informed decisions and optimize our material usage.

  • Management Mentoring: We have provided mentoring and guidance to our management team, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to drive operational improvements.

  • Onsite Support: We have supported the rollout of Statistical Process Control (SPC) on-site, ensuring that this quality improvement methodology is effectively implemented.

  • Senior Leadership Support: We have provided support to the senior leadership team, helping them understand and prioritize improvement initiatives.

  • Morning Meetings: We have designed and implemented daily review meetings to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among key stakeholders. These meetings ensure that everyone is aligned and focused on the most important objectives.

  • Department Roles and Responsibilities: We have designed clear roles and responsibilities for each department, ensuring that everyone understands their contribution to the overall operational efficiency

  • Warehouse Capacity Optimization: We have successfully reduced warehouse capacity from 125% to 106% by implementing better inventory management practices and optimizing space utilization.

  • Stock Accuracy Improvement: We have implemented measures to increase stock accuracy and understanding, reducing errors and improving overall inventory management.

  • These business improvements demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and our proactive approach to addressing operational challenges. By identifying and classifying activities into value-added, non-value-added, and essential business non-value-added, we ensure that our resources are focused on activities that add value to our customers and eliminate waste from our processes

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