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Business Improvements

  • A bakery site under the Warburtons Family specializes in the mass production of buns with an artisan twist. Our project aimed to establish process improvements and re-engage the team while supporting existing shift managers. We implemented various business improvements, including the introduction of a bespoke key performance indicator (KPI) that measures individual product performance and line efficiency. This KPI provides clear information on high-performing and low-performing products.

  • One of our notable achievements was a 19% throughput increase, resulting in an additional 10,850 units produced per day, equivalent to 25 racks or 227,850 units per average 21-day month. We also developed three production rotas with costing analysis to determine the most practical and cost-effective schedule for a 7-day work week.

  • To track factory performance, we implemented a comprehensive measurement tracking system that allows us to monitor productivity, waste, downtime, and average takt time in individual zones. Additionally, we made improvements to the changeover and processing of a specific product, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. For example, our investment of £2000 in optimizing the production of Lidl Lemon product led to significant labor cost savings, reducing labor variance from £9876 over standard to £0 and achieving a positive labor variance of £3477, resulting in a total saving of £13353.

  • Throughout the project, we provided mentoring and support to shift managers, ensuring effective leadership and smooth operations.

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