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Elevate Your Manufacturing Excellence With MMSRD



Process Improvement

Find the waste

Change Management

Understand what needs to be done

Continuous Improvement Culture

Facilitate Culture Change


Lean six sigma training and consultancy

Learn and apply the proven methodologies of lean and six sigma to improve your processes, quality, and efficiency. Get certified at different levels, from white belt to green belt, and access online courses and resources through a learning management system.

Business process improvement

Analyze and optimize your business processes using tools and techniques such as value stream mapping, 5 whys, fishbone diagram, control chart, and more. Eliminate waste, reduce variation, and increase customer satisfaction.

Operational excellence coaching and mentoring

Get guidance and support from experienced and certified professionals who can help you implement operational excellence in your organization. Receive feedback, advice, and best practices to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Operational excellence assessment and benchmarking

Evaluate your current performance and identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Compare your results with industry standards and best practices and set realistic and measurable targets.

Operational excellence transformation and change management

Plan and execute a comprehensive and sustainable operational excellence program that aligns with your strategy and culture. Engage and empower your teams, communicate effectively, and manage resistance and risks


Manufacturing Performance 
Solutions to your performance problems 

Our Services

As a Lean Six Sigma consultant, I can offer a wide range of services to help organizations improve their processes and drive efficiency. Here is a comprehensive list of services that I can provide:

Process Improvement

We will analyze your current processes, identify bottlenecks, and implement improvements to enhance productivity and reduce waste.

Lean Six Sigma Training

We will provide comprehensive training programs on Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools.

Data Analysis

We will analyze your organization's data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Kaizen Events

We will analyze your organization's data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Root Cause Analysis

We will analyze your organization's data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Change Management

We will  assist with managing the transition to new processes and methodologies.

Value Stream Mapping

We will  create visual representations of your organization's processes

Continuous Improvement Culture

We will  help foster a culture of continuous improvement within your organization

Lean Six Sigma Project Management

We will provide project management support for process improvement initiatives, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently

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Why Choose us ?

We know that improvement is the key to success in manufacturing, which is why we provide you with a team of experts who have been tried and tested in the field. With our years of experience, we have walked in your shoes and know the challenges you face. We cover all the sections of manufacturing, from logistics to production to quality control, with a focus on improving your process and giving you sustainable performance excellence.

Our Happy Clients

Testimonial for MMSRD

Steve Wood

Chief Operating Officer 

Rowland has just completed an assignment for me at Creative Foods and he has done an outstanding Job. Not only has he delivered against his initial brief, he has exceeded that and supported the business in a whole host of other key areas that leave a strong legacy and future roadmap of opportunities.


James Simpson

Operations Director 

I had the pleasure of working with Rowland and experiencing first hand his exceptional methods and style. One of the most positive and engaging managers I have experienced. A true expert in his field with a genuine desire for what he does. Commits wholeheartedly to the business he is supporting. I would always recommend him and would tie him down full time if I could

Ronnie Wilkinson


where to start? Rowland was a sharp shooter and where people were concerned he got right into it. What i liked was that he wanted to go see straight away and get a view of the environment improvement was required. Rowland cleverly used his time with us to improve the business but not just himself he developed us as a team to improve autonomously. 

Emma Dewitt

CI Manager

If you are after a knowledgable, down to earth guy who has the capabilities to not only deliver lean tools and techniques but explain it to people who have little or no experience in them then Rowland is your guy.
It was great to have him on board on-site, giving me someone to bounce plans for the future of the site off.

He is a highly professional individual and would be a great asset to any company!

Tools , Techniques & Methods Of Improvement (TTMI)

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